Social Studies 8 Unit 4.2

Evolution of Citizenship

Learning Outcomes
8.4.2 Demonstrate an understanding of how citizenship has evolved over time
• examine factors in ancient, medieval, and early modern times that influenced our modern democratic concept of citizenship
• describe how the history of Canada has shaped our concept of citizenship • examine the role and responsibility of the citizen in supporting the rule of law
• identify current global events and the impact they may have on views of citizenship

Active Citizenships?

An active citizen is aware of the following issues:
• People are part of a community to pursue common goals and needs. Most people are part of more than one community.
• Everyone who becomes a responsible citizen can make a difference.
• Rules and consequences are important to maintain social behaviour in a democratic society.
• Responsible citizens follow the law, are respectful of others’ rights and freedoms and are responsible. They are informed, purposeful and active.
• We have elected representatives that make decisions on our behalf. If we do not like these decisions we can make our decision-makers more accountable.
• Society uses government and other organizations to make a caring, peaceful and supportive community.

To become an active citizen we need:
• To be informed: You need to understand your rights and responsibilities as citizens, know the issues, rules and procedures for making decisions and know who has the power to make these changes. These are the people we want to
influence to make change.
• Have purpose: You need to be clear about what you would like to have happen, what needs to be changed to make society better and how this is good for the greater community, whether it be for the school, local community, province, country or world. You need to learn how to communicate this information to the right people to help them do their work.
• Be active: You need to understand that to make change happen you have to get working, get involved and especially work with others who have the same purpose as you do.

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