Social 8 Unit 4

Make A Difference

Service Project Ideas:
Pick up trash at a local park, school, or trail
Rake your neighbors’ leaves*
Volunteer at a food bank (we live next to a food bank that allows small children to help- it is awesome! Not all do, though, so be sure to ask)
Knock on neighborhood doors to collect food to donate to the food bank
Make homemade cards to give to residents at the local nursing home
Organize and host Bingo Night at the local nursing home
Get a small group together to go sing at the local nursing home (call the nursing home first!)
Contact your local fire department to see if they have any landscaping work that needs to be done and do it
Volunteer to serve food at the local soup kitchen
Cook a homemade meal to bring to your local Ronald McDonald House
Organize a game night at the local Ronald McDonald House (call your local Ronald McDonald House for ideas)
Contact your local Boys and Girls Club or YMCA to see what you can do to help- painting a wall, cleaning the grounds, or scrubbing toilets can be a great help
Volunteer to help tutor at the local Boys and Girls Club, women’s shelter, or other organization that may need help**
Clean shelves or shelve books at the local library (give the library a call- they’ll have something for you to do!)
Call your local thrift store to see if they need help sorting donated items
Make homemade Christmas ornaments to donate to your local women’s shelter, nursing home, or hospital
Make blankets to donate to your local Children’s Hospital
Host a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity
Write thank you cards and/or draw pictures to members of the military
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (anyone 16 and older can participate- this is BY FAR my favorite service organization!)
Start a FB campaign with your friends to collect used books to donate to your local library, school, women’s shelter,
Call your local animal shelter to see if you can help brush animals, clean kennels, or anything else
Make cookies and deliver them to your neighbors- especially that widow down the street
If you are a photographer, take family photos of a low-income family (ask your local minister for the name of a family in need and kindly and graciously offer your services)
Clean out your closet and donate your unwanted items to your local thrift store
Clean/sanitize the toys at the nursery of your church (or any local church)
Make “Britches for Africa”- shorts made out of t-shirts to be sent to impoverished African boys
Make dream catchers out of old CD’s to donate to kids at the local Children’s Hospital


Acts of Kindness example

35 Service Projects for Kids