Science 8 – 2.3

Viscosity of Liquids


• design and perform an experiment to test the viscosity of various fluids and identify major variables (208-6)
• compare the viscosity of various liquids and describe factors that can modify the viscosity (307-6, 307- 7)
• relate personal activities and potential applications to fluids (109-10, 112-7, 210-12)



Outcome 3.3 Viscosity of Fluids – Reading & Questions

Density: Floating and Sinking
• question, investigate, and analyze qualitatively and quantitatively in a laboratory, the relationships among mass, volume, and density of solids, liquids, and gases using the particle model of matter (208- 2, 211-3, 307-8)
• explain and describe situations where the density of substances are affected by changes in temperature, natural, or intentional (307-9, 307-10)
• perform and analyze quantitatively the density of various substances, demonstrating a knowledge of WHMIS standards by using proper techniques and instruments for collecting data in the laboratory (307-11, 209-7, 209-3)