Science 8 Unit 1 – Lesson 1

Waves, Tides and Water Currents

Outcome 1.1.1 explain how waves and tides are generated and how they interact with shorelines
Outcome 1.1.2 investigate water currents using experimental data, procedures, and conclusions to formulate operational definitions

Ocean Wave Question Pack

Coastal Systems: Waves 1

Coastal Systems: Waves 2

Coastal Systems: Waves 3

Ocean Currents

Monterey Institute

Access the Montery Institute’s website to access


Check out this infographic on Rip Tides

The first week of June is Rip Current Awareness Week.

The Ocean Conveyer

Coriolis Effect

Bay of Fundy – The Highest Tides in the World!

Check out this web page and answer the following questions:

  1. How High are the Fundy Tides?
  2. What Causes the Tides?
  3. What are Neap & Spring Tides
  4. Why are the Bay of Fundy Tides the Highest?
  5. When is the Best Time to Experience the Tides?
  6. The are four different tidal effects: vertical, horizontal, rapids & rip tides, and tidal bores. Detail them.