Novel Study

Choose two of the following options
1] Design and create the MOVIE POSTER for a movie version of the book you have just read.
Cast the major characters with modern day actors. Keep in mind the mood, symbols and themes of the novel and incorporate them into your design. Remember to make your poster look as realistic as possible.

2] NOVEL MAP – Create a poster sized map of the town and area where the novel takes place—the setting of the novel.
• Include as many details and locations as possible using your im- agination and specific details from the book.
• You must label all of the locations .
• List the important events in point form, that occurred at each area or location on your map.
• Remember to include a border, title, compass rose and legend. Make it look as much like a map as you can.

3] SEQUEL – Write the next chapter in the book OR a summary of what you think the sequel should be about.
• Think of the following when planning and writing the sequel or next chapter.
• What characters will you include?
• What will be the major conflict or tension?
• Where and when will the sequel or chapter take place?
• Be sure to use a similar language and writing style that the author used in the novel.

4] NOVEL SOUNDTRACK – As you know the best songs tell a story. You have launched a brand new YouTube channel that will create playlists to match up with literature. Your channel has been asked to create a playlist of 7 songs that represents the novel that you have just read. The playlist can include songs from multiple artists but the lyrics should reflect the themes in your novel.

5] NOVEL NEWSPAPER – You are a newspaper reporter who has been following the recent events in your novel. You’ve decided to do a newspaper feature and will dedicate the entire front page of the newspaper to the book. Your newspaper MUST have the following:
• A title banner with the creative name of your paper, the date, the price etc.
• A main article that covers a major aspect of the novel—the main conflict, the main characters etc.
• At least one other small article

6] NOVEL TIMELINE – What were the 10 most important events in the novel?
What 10 events were most crucial to the outcome?
Brainstorm a list of the most important events and narrow it down to the 10 MOST IMPORTANT events.

7] NOVEL JOURNAL – Put yourself “in their shoes” and imagine what they think and how they feel. Create a Character Journal from the perspective of one of the main characters in your novel.
Include the following d etails in your character ’s diary:
• Responses to at least FIVE major events in the novel.
• How were you involved in the event?
• Did you want to be involved?
• Were you a major part of the event or a bystander?
• How did you feel about the events?
• What emotions were you experiencing?

8]NOVEL ART – As an artistic and creative person you know the importance of symbols and symbolism in a novel. As you read through your novel look for symbols, icons and items that represent the themes, mood, characters, conflict or setting. Create a piece of artwork that represents your novel or an aspect of your novel. Think creatively and have fun expressing yourself in a different way.

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