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Consider the conversation Jane Hirschfield has about metaphors. What are your thoughts about her perspectives. In your comment note one comparison Jane provides. In addition provide a good metaphor that you have read, heard and/or used.


  1. The metaphors used were fairly common that we use everyday. We use metaphors everyday without realizing it and similes as well that we compare two things with as and like.
    A metaphor I know of ugly as a duckling which is more of a simile

  2. Kaycee-Rae C. says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I found the animation very smooth and intriguing. The hammering in the next door class wasn’t so distracting. One metaphor in the video I noticed was ” and elephant in the room”. One metaphor I’ve heard before is ” Life is like a box of chocolates.”

  3. Comparison picked: ‘tired as a whale’. Jane’s short video what quite an interesting yet agreeable experience, I didn’t understand evey word in it but this was a very good video in the end. Metaphor I’ve heard ‘I’m so hungry I can eat a horse’

  4. After watching this video I have a better understanding of the difference between simile’s and metaphor’s. I think we use metaphors and similes everyday without noticing. I’ve heard the metaphor “roller coaster of emotions” used before.

  5. I agree with Jane that metaphors are a really effective way to describe things because we understand better when we can picture it or compare it to something else. “Its raining cats and dogs” is a metaphor from the video that is used a lot, even though its so unrealistic it still makes the connection of A LOT of rain. I like the metaphor “you are my sunshine” its very happy and descriptive, and comes from a good song. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this video on metaphors. I loved the animation and thought that it helped me understand further what the meaning of a metaphor is. I realized that we often use metaphors all the time without even realizing. I have heard people say things like “A heart of stone.” To describe someone as tough or unsympathetic. I now have a greater understanding of what metaphors are and why we use them, after watching the video.

  7. Cameron P says:

    I liked the video because it explains why we use metaphors in our lives. It’s true that we often think in images, and the visuals that metaphors call to mind help us have a more meaningful understanding of what someone is describing. Like saying you have a “broken heart” can’t literally be true. It does, however, call to mind a feeling of sadness and grief, which are feelings that make you feel broken or damaged.

  8. I liked the way metaphors were explained in this video. The way metaphors are described as being “art not science” makes a lot of sense when looking at famous sayings, like “all the worlds a stage”. The visuals also allow for better understanding of the common metaphors mentioned. One of my favourite metaphors is “time is a thief”, time does not physically steal anything from you, but time moves quickly and as it moves, our lives pass by with it.

  9. Jennifer L says:

    I found this video on metaphors entertaining, it made me think about metaphors on a deeper level. Whenever I hear a metaphor I usually don’t think much about it, because I’ve probably heard them before and already know the meaning by them. One of the ones from the video I’ve heard a lot is “an elephant in the room”. Another metaphor I hear a lot that wasn’t mentioned in this video is “time is money”.

  10. Sarah Baillie says:

    I think Jane explains metaphors really well, I agree with her that they are “art not science” but they can still feel right or wrong. Also, she did a good job at comparing similes and metaphors, in the way that similes make us think, while metaphors allow us to feel. A comparison she did was “there’s an elephant in the room”, we know there isn’t an actual elephant, but a problem that everyone knows, but doesn’t want to talk about. A metaphor I like is “Don’t judge a book by its cover” which means don’t judge things based on appearance.

  11. Through this video I gained a better understanding of the difference between a simile and a metaphor. Using the word “like” in similes and not in metaphors. A metaphor I’ve heard a lot would be “old as the hills”.

  12. I really enjoyed this short clip because it really tells us why we use metaphors in our lives. It’s so very true that what we think and see in images, and the visuals that metaphors bring to our mind assist us to have a more meaningful understanding of what someone is describing.

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