ELA 8 – 1.6


1.1 synthesize others’ ideas to clarify and extend their understanding
6.1 respond and reflect to challenging texts
– make connections between their own values, beliefs, and cultures and those reflected in texts
– analyze thematic connections and articulate an understanding of the universality of themes
– explore diverse perspectives to develop or modify their points of view
8.1 use writing and other ways of representing to explore, extend, and reflect on
– their experiences with and insights into challenging texts and issues
– their writing processes and strategies
– their language and learning achievements
– the basis for their feelings, values, and attitudes

EText – Letters to Selves

Part 1: If I Knew Then What I Know Now


Before Reading

7:00 minutes

During Reading

Consider the advice each person is giving their own younger self. Jeff’s letter has a different tone to it than Lorne’s. How would you explain the difference?

After Reading

Complete the following question sheet on Letters To My High School Self

Part 2: My Momma is a Worrier – My Papa is a Warrior


Before Reading

1. Consider the following statements:

Statement 1 – we are more like our parents than we care to admit.
Statement 2 – who you are is due in large part to influence of your parents.
Statement 3 – no one knows you better than your own mother and father.

During Reading

Watch the spoken word poetry performance by Sarah Kay and note the lessons and advice she would give to her daughter.

After Reading