ELA 8 – 1.5

Stealing Identities

6.2 articulate and defend viewpoints about texts
– interpret ambiguities in sophisticated texts
7.3 respond critically to sophisticated texts
– examine how texts reveal and produce ideologies, identities, and positions
– examine how media texts construct ideas of roles, behaviour, culture, and reality
– examine how textual features help a reader/viewer to create meaning

QuestCon – Richard Scrimager
Click here to download > EText – QuestCon

Who I’m Not – Ted Staunton
Click here to download > EText – Who I’m Not

Part 1: Virtual Reality


Before Reading

Check out this BBC documentary on computer game addiction.

During Reading

QuestCon – read by Kaycee-Rae

After Reading

Complete the question sheet for QuestCon

Part 2: Who Are You?


Before Reading

Imposters? Stolen Valour documentary

Check out this article that inspired the fictional story QuestCon:
Outcome 1.5 Article QuestCon – The elaborate imposter
News Link

During Reading

As you read the story try to visualize as a movie and imagine what motivates these characters. Put yourself into the shoes of the young boy who feels trapped. How would you feel if you had a sibling who disappeared?

After Reading

Complete the question sheet for Who I’m Not