ELA 8 – 1.4

Stereotype Much?

6.2 articulate and defend viewpoints about texts
– interpret ambiguities in sophisticated texts
9.2 demonstrate an understanding of the ways text construction can create, enhance, or control meaning
– make critical choices of form, style, and content to address increasingly complex demands
8.2 use note-making strategies to reconstruct increasingly complex knowledge
– explore the use of multimedia in documenting experiences

Marcus the Great – Kim Mortisugu
Click here to download > EText – Marcus the Great

The Verger – Somerset Maugham

Part 1: Dumb Jocks

Banner Outcome 1.4 Marcus the Great

Before Reading

Check out the science of athletes. It’d be interesting to see the science of academic kids. Someone like Andrew Wiggins will make millions based on his athletic ability. No wonder people are fascinated by the jocks in our world – there’s money to be made.

During Reading

Complete the story map that you will need to recreate the animated version of this story on BitStrips.

After Reading

Complete the question sheet for Marcus the Great

Part 2: You Are What You Do?

Banner Outcome 1.4 The Verger

Before Reading

Consider what you want to do with your life? Watch this video on how to find work that you can do and love.

During Reading

Consider how the Verger is a story of judgment and how battling preconceived notions is a critical task.

After Reading

Complete the question sheet for The Verger