ELA 8 – 1.2

Let’s Get Social

1.3 advocate a position on an issue or text in a convincing manner showing an understanding of a range of viewpoints
6.1 respond and reflect to challenging texts
– make connections between their own values, beliefs, and cultures and those reflected in texts

Article on Social Media and Identity
Topic 1.2 Article – Facebook is Like High School
Friend Me – Susan Goldberg (personal reflection)
Click here to download > EText – Friend Me

Part 1: Facebook Friends

Banner Outcome 1.2 Friend Me

Before Reading

Check out this article on social media and identity
Topic 1.2 Article – Facebook is Like High School

Respond to the article in the comment box below discussing what role social media plays in your life and your reactions to the writer’s comments about the power of Facebook.

During Reading

Read over the question sheet as you read/listen to the story.

After Reading

Complete the question sheet for Outcome-1.2-Friend-MeFriend Me

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