ELA 8 – 1.1

ELA 8 – 1.1
Who Are You Anyway?

Nowhere at Home

Before Reading

1. As you know Canada is made up of many different cultures – what is your cultural background?
Eg. Mr.Jordan is a Canadian citizen but was born in England. His mother, grandfather and four aunts are from Ireland – while his grandmother is from Scotland.

2. What does it mean that Canada is a multicultural country?

3. How would you define culture? What are some elements of culture?

4. Consider the title of this graphic story ‘Nowhere at Home’ – what emotions might be connected to feeling ‘nowhere at home’.

During Reading

5. The EXPOSITION details the when, where and who of the story. From the first three panels answer the following questions about the exposition:

Where does the story take place?

When does the story take place?

Who are the four initial characters we meet?

6. On panels 1 and 2 the COMPLICATION(s) are revealed. What are the problems/obstacles for Jose to overcome?

7. As part of the RISING ACTION what do we learn about Ed’s background?

8. Ed’s father says “you have nothing to worry about. Anyone would think you’re a real gringo!” What does he mean by this?

9. The CLIMAX happens at the next track practice/meet. Describe what happens between Frank and Ed?

10. The RESOLUTION is inferred (we have to read between the lines/panels). How does the story end?

After Reading

11. What might Jose say to Eduardo after practice?

12. What lesson is to be learned from this short story?


Recollection Story – write a short story 250-500 words about a childhood memory. Detail what happened and when it happened, who was involved, where it occurred, why you think you remember it and most importantly how this event taught you something about yourself and/or life.