ELA 3.2 Benefits & Consequences of Risk


Anticipation Activity

Step 1

Watch the following video and provide a response to it in Google Classroom.

Step 2

Listen to the following short story and/or read the short story and answer the questions that are connected to it.

“They’ll Never Find You Now” short story showing how word choice helps with prediction (especially short, short stories).

As you listen to the story consider:
1] What is irresponsible risk?
2] How does word choice influence or provide the reader with predictions.

Picture Carousel

View the following Google Slide Show and discuss the questions with your assigned group:

1] Does this picture represent a responsible or irresponsible risk?
2] What is the risk involved?
3] What are the benefits/consequences?

S & L
(1.4) State a point of view and support it with explanation
(2.1) Contribute to small group discussion.
R & V
(6.1) Give initial response (oral or written) of what was read or viewed.

Likert scale sheet – After the presentations, fill out this Likert Scale of Pictures and Risk:
Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Students are required to complete a Quick Write.