ELA 3.1 Inquiry

Defining Risk


Questions to be explored throughout the unit:

• What is risk?
• How do we determine what is a responsible and irresponsible risk?
• Every risk has its benefits and consequences, how do we determine whether a risk is “worth it”?
• What are the characteristics of a (responsible and irresponsible) risk taker?

Appendix A – What is Risk

Appendix B – Risk Menu

Step 1. Think-Pair-Share

: After watching the video below, with a partner, brainstorm the question “What is Risk”?

Step 2. T-Chart on board

: Discussion/examples of what are responsible/irresponsible (or good/bad) risks. Write these down in their binder/notebook.

Step 3 Agree/disagree response

– complete the anticipation activity entitled What is Risk?

Step 4 – Like Minds

– you will be placed in groups based upon your opinion from the worksheet “What is Risk”


Learning Outcomes

Step 5 – Mini-presentations –

In assigned groups is you will answer the following two questions and then present your answer to the class.

1] What is the benefit of taking risks? Provide three specific examples of positive risk taking.
2] What is the benefit of playing it safe? Provide three specific examples of where someone benefited from playing it safe.

1.3 state a point of view in a convincing manner, offering relevant information to support that viewpoint
1.4 listen carefully to identify key points in oral presentations, and evaluate the relevancy of supporting details



Step 6 –  Quick Write –

Risk Menu
Learning Outcomes to be Assessed
8.1 demonstrate competence in the frequent use of writing and representing strategies to extend learning; to explore their own thoughts and consider others’ ideas, to reflect on their feelings, values, and attitudes; and to identify problems and describe logical solutions
9.2 consider and choose writing forms that match both the writing purpose (to define, report, persuade, compare) and the reader for whom the text is intended (understand why language choice, organization, and voice used in an essay differs from that used in a media advertisement)
9.4 keep the reader and purpose for writing in mind when choosing content, writing style, tone of voice, language choice, and text organization

Use the following Padlet to write about whether you consider yourself more of a ‘play it safe’ person or more of a ‘risk taker’. Be detailed and specific in your response.


Is there always a consequence to taking a risk? Life is about choices – including electing not to choose, but your actions always lead to a consequence whether you like it or not. Some of the best risks I have taken in life are those that I didn’t think about too much. When I was in high school I made a snap decision to run in the school elections to be one of the senior leaders in student government. I didn’t think I was risking too much and I ended up winning. That risk pushed me into the spotlight amongst my peers and indirectly to becoming a teacher. That risk back in grade 11 was a game changer for me.