Author Study – Elements of Slam Poetry

Outcome being assessed:

1.1 consider and reflect upon the contribution of others’ ideas during discussions

8.3 begin to use various forms of note-making appropriate to various purposes and situations

10.3 attempt to use various technologies for communicating to a variety of audiences for a range of purposes


1] Begin the Workshop conversation reviewing the elements of SLAM poetry – as covered in previous lesson with Google Slide Show noting the performance element to the genre and ‘slamming’ of realities like ‘racism/sexism’

2] Watch Slam Poetry example ‘Spelling Father’ by Marshall Jones

Spelling Father from stillmotion on Vimeo.

3] Review the concept of THEME and how Marshall Jones addresses the issue of absentee fathers in his poem
4] Introduce the LINO app for collaboration where students will provide their response to Shayne Koyczan’s poem ‘TROLL’ by proving a link and analysis to an article on ‘internet trolling’.

5] Provide direction for students to respond to one other article


Students watch the following video and begin their pre-writing for their own SLAM/Spoken Word Poem